Episode Two of The YYC Sports Podcast!

Written by: Mukhtar Mohamed - Grade 11 Episode Two will cover the Olympics, Champions League, and Marcus Stroman! https://soundcloud.com/yycsports/olympics-talk-yyc-sports-podcast-2-ft-uefa-champions-league-marcus-stroman  


“Hustle” – Finesse Magic

Written by: Nabeel Virani - Grade 11 I hope you all enjoy this 10 minute street magic special I've created! I tried to perform some new effects instead of the usual tricks I normally do. Please spread this video around and enjoy! https://youtu.be/mDCvv4Gsm1o

Idol Love – Short Story

Written by: Faria Islam - Grade 12 Author’s Note: This is a short story I wrote for English class last semester. It was inspired by Margaret Atwood’s poem “Variations on the Word Love”. If you haven’t encountered this poem yet in your own English class, I highly recommend reading it beforehand. If you are knowledgeable … Continue reading Idol Love – Short Story

Humans of Pearson: Mohit Parmar

Written by: Naoreen Kabir - Grade 12 Note: Mohit has requested his picture not be published in the article. "I didn’t really have anything left anymore. But I never decided to give up. I just kept trying hard. Doing the best that I could. I ended up joining wrestling even though I had four cores … Continue reading Humans of Pearson: Mohit Parmar