How to Study for IB Exams

Despite the three years of hard work, we are all squabbled under the stress of IB exams. Though for some students, exams can be a breeze; revision is second nature to them and they could ace an exam with their eyes closed, for others like myself, sweaty palms and heart palpitations are just a part … Continue reading How to Study for IB Exams


Pearson-Performed Theatrical Success: “She Kills Monsters”

By: Faeez Ansari As we all know, Pearson’s Drama Program has been working hard to create a piece to present to the excellent students of our school. To no one’s surprise, they did nothing short of that. A vast, well-deserved round of applause to all those who participated in the creation of what may have … Continue reading Pearson-Performed Theatrical Success: “She Kills Monsters”

Idol Love – Short Story

Written by: Faria Islam - Grade 12 Author’s Note: This is a short story I wrote for English class last semester. It was inspired by Margaret Atwood’s poem “Variations on the Word Love”. If you haven’t encountered this poem yet in your own English class, I highly recommend reading it beforehand. If you are knowledgeable … Continue reading Idol Love – Short Story