Welcome to Pearson Press

Who are we?

This is a student-run blog for Lester B. Pearson High School. The purpose of the blog is to promote school spirit, but also to provide a nurturing environment for young writers to explore their interests. As such, our team of student writers will produce diverse content, school-related and otherwise.

You can expect topics such as:

  • School Events
  • Interviews with staff and students
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Food and Fashion
  • Photography
  • Current Events

Just to name a few.

Why are we doing this?

We believe that to build an engaging and exciting school environment, we first have to start with promoting what’s going on around the school.

We aim to connect our school community through an initiative called “Humans of Pearson” where we recognize the achievements of one of our very own Patriots. We do this by interviewing them and celebrating the contributions they make not only to the school, but to the Calgary community as well.


In this day and age, we recognize that social media and online communication is becoming more and more common. That’s why we have decided to transition our print newspaper to an online blog. We invite you to share, tweet and like our content if you enjoy what we’re doing.

Together we can make Lester B. Pearson a more enjoyable place for all.


 The current Senior Editor is Bhanvi Sachdeva and the Jr. Editors are Ahmoore Min and Albert Li

Inquiries can be directed to: lbpnews@gmail.com



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