How to Survive Finals Week

Written by: Brittany Bartsch – Grade 10


Ahh, summer. We can smell the blooming flowers and hear the buzzing bees. We can almost feel that warm summer air. It’s within arm’s reach.. Just.. a few weeks.. away…. But then, it stops you head on and there’s no way around it. What is it? Well, it’s finals week.

For almost every student, finals week is the most stressful time of the year. Here are a few things you can do to help yourself get through it.

1. Stay healthy!

Even though it may not seem like it, maintaining your health should be your number one priority. This means eating a proper breakfast, lunch and dinner, getting at least 7 hours of sleep and staying hydrated. I cannot stress this enough. Think about it.  Say you’re up all night studying for an exam and go then go to school on 4 hours of sleep. It will be ridiculously hard to stay focused and do your best on a final when you are sleep deprived! Although studying is important, it’s a lot better for yourself to study less and sleep more than sleep less to study!

2. Space out your studying periods

Give yourself specific days for each subject that you are studying for at least a week or two in advance. Nothing more, nothing less. One subject a day, alternating between each. This will help yourself not to cram your studying periods and be able to retain information a lot easier. It will also help relieve a lot of stress!

3. Organize study groups

Study groups are an amazing strategy to help you do well on your test.  The more minds the better! Bring a group together to discuss topic ideas, ask questions and quiz each other!

4. Take study breaks

This is also an extremely important factor when studying. Taking breaks allows yourself to clear your mind for a while and recollect your thoughts. A study break should be about 15 minutes depending on how you feel. If you notice while studying you are having inability to concentrate, that should be an indicator that you need a break. Your body and mind can only focus that intensely for so long.

5. Prioritize

When studying, think about how much time you will need to study for each exam. Think about the entirety of the exam. How many concepts do you need to know? Vocabulary? Definitions? Take all this into consideration when prioritizing.

6. Have fun with it!

Although studying can be a pain, there are ways to make it at least a little bit enjoyable. Make reward systems that motivate you. Use friends and peers to encourage you. Try to make the most out of what you’re doing!  

I hope these helped! Here are a few links to some more in depth tips:

20 study tips for finals
25 crucial tips for finals week

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