The 7 Kids You’ll Meet During Spare (and the One Kid You Won’t)

Written by: Naoreen Kabir – Grade 12


A spare is a wonderful thing to have. They provide flexibility in a student’s day in terms of how they can use their time. The possibilities within the empty block of time are as diverse as the student population lucky enough to have one.

Should you choose to have a spare or two in your schedule, you’ll likely encounter a lot of different kids throughout the building, spending their time in different ways.

The following are eight common ways students choose to use their spare. Obviously, any individual student isn’t necessarily going to do the same thing every day, but I’ve made them into characters just to add some fun.

Which type of spare kid are you? 

1. Hungry Henry

No one likes waiting in endless line ups for their food, especially when they’re a starving teenager. Hungry Henry may be hungry, but he’s also got his priorities straight. That’s why he uses his spare to grab something to eat. And if Henry has a friend or two on spare with him, it makes for great socializing time. Plus he can pressure his buddy to buy him coffee.

2. Friendly Faria

To Friendly Faria, spares are a great opportunity to just chill with her friends. It’s a much needed break from the stresses of school work and can be quite fun. Common activities include walking around the halls, playing cards, joking around, staring at her phone while everyone else stares at their phone, and sitting with her textbook out, pretending to study.

3. Introverted Ian

Although he enjoys chilling just as much as Friendly Faria, Introverted Ian would rather chill by himself. Either that or none of his friends have spare with him. Or he hates his friends. No matter the case, his common activities include listening to music, staring at his phone, and sitting with his textbook out, pretending to study.

4. Studious Stacy

When it comes to spares, Studious Stacy wants to get things done. You’ll likely find her sitting at a desk by herself or with a few friends, finishing up a worksheet that was just assigned or studying for tomorrow’s quiz. Some see her as too serious, but that’s not quite it. She just wants less work to worry about when she gets home. Or she has three cores, an online class, two sports teams and five different clubs she’s committed to. Either way, her spares must be used wisely.

5. Last-minute Lucy

Based on initial appearances, it’s difficult to distinguish between Studious Stacy and Last-minute Lucy. Both can be found behind desks, doing work of some sort. The difference lies in the look on their faces. Whereas Stacy looks calm and on top of things, Lucy appears absolutely terrified. It’s no surprise why, given what happened yesterday after school:

4:00 pm “I should do some work” says the rational part of Lucy’s brain.

4:01 pm “But first, let’s watch [-TV Show-], play [-video game-] and take a quick nap!” says the lazy part of Lucy’s brain.

10:00 pm “Ah whatever, I’ll just do it during spare.” says the disappointed part of Lucy’s brain.

Now Lucy has a social studies essay to finish up, a biology quiz to study for and an English presentation to rehearse, all within the next hour or else she’s in big trouble. But don’t worry. She will never let this happen again. Right?

6. Drop-in David

He’s not actually registered in the course, but Drop-in David might as well be. Once he finds a teacher willing to let him hang around during spare, he quickly seems like part of the class. Although he’s usually just there because he’s bored, David’s attendance record puts the actually-enrolled skippers to shame. Sometimes he even participates in the lessons. What a cool guy.

7. Annoying Adam

An annoying Adam can be heard from the other side of the hallway. Whether he’s by himself or with an equally annoying friend, his mission is to make it as difficult as possible for students to learn. Common activities include yelling at his buddies on the opposite end of the school and making animal noises. If he’s tall enough, he often peeks through classroom windows to make faces at the kids inside. Annoying Adam is generally known for being a disturbance, and may or may not actually just be skipping class.

Finally, we have the one kid who you won’t see during your spare…

8. Homebody Hannah

Homebody Hannah isn’t lazy. She just values her rest. If Hannah has a morning spare, she’ll sleep in. If she has an afternoon spare, she’ll head home early. Either way, her goal is to spend the minimum amount of time on school grounds. You might tease her for being a couch potato, but Hannah gets the last laugh when her sleep deprived friends leave school exhausted because they spent all day doing things.

Now that you’ve met all the different types of spare kids, take some time to reflect about how you use yours and take the poll here. Whether you have a spare or not, as long as you’re using your time in a way that’s meaningful to you, you’re doing alright. Unless you’re Annoying Adam. Then you’re just doing nothing. And we all know what we say to the kids who do nothing at Pearson…

“Do not be a pylon!”



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