Written by: Naoreen Kabir – Grade 12

Processed with VSCO with e5 preset

Let us eat the sweet marshmallows

That dot the ocean above our heads

Nibble on the little specs of sun

That sparkle in the air

Like sugar on a cookie


If you and I look at the sky

With expert timing

Would our eyes exchange

A cotton candy smile?


Could I say it was your face I saw

Sprinkled in the sand, or

Reflected in the water?


Was it your voice that sang softly

Amid the chaotic cacophony

Your lullaby that lulled me by

And put my worries to sleep?


If I could reach my hand up to the stars

Touch them just once

I would shine with such vibrancy that I

Reach you,

Sprawled out on your bed

Like an aged dream,

And light up

Your cotton candy smile

A poem I once wrote for my childhood best friend.

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