Written by: Emily Houghton – Grade 10



Have you ever loved something so much it’s like your everything? Like it’s the air you need to breathe? Like it lifts your spirits and lets you escape? It’s your all and everything and you couldn’t live without it? But when you don’t have it, you feel empty? When you miss out on it, it breaks your soul? You lose yourself without it? When it breaks your heart because you can’t have it? When we feel held back from that something? Like you lost something when it’s gone? You love it to a point it hurts? But you deal with it because you love that something so much? When it’s how you live? When it takes up your heart, mind and soul? You can’t think straight without it? It’s your escape from pain but brings you pain when it’s not there? When it’s your world? When it’s who you are? Yeah. Me too.



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