Beginning of an End

Written by: Emily Houghton – Grade 10


This is it, standing in an empty room full of hopes, dreams and memories. It’s funny how a small room and some music became my home. How a couple friends with the same passions became family. How a song with a good beat became my love. Our passion will never die, even if our legacy has. All our laughter and tears will live in this now empty room. Everyone who walked in injured and the smiles that always found a way to our faces. The prayers and speeches we’d say before the big show and the praising of one another on a job well done. We cry together, we laugh together, we sing together and we love together. Every moment and memory floats around the room. Hopefully one day this door will open again and someone will continue our legacy. But until then, we stand in bittersweet silence, reminiscing together. We will continue to dance and fight for each other. We will continue to call this studio our home. We will continue to pursue our passions and dreams. And we will continue to be a family. Because we are dancers with a passion for what we do. And nobody could ever change that.



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