Advocating for Students: Lester B. Pearson’s Student Council

Written by: Camryn Catabay – Grade 11


Do you ever find yourself wishing to change or improve something around the school? No matter how big or small that idea may be, Lester B. Pearson’s Student Council is always willing to lend an ear. The Student Council at Lester B. Pearson aims to advocate for the well-being of students. Every voice, perspective and opinion matters in order to implement change around the school.

A notable accomplishment spearheaded by the Student Council was the change of date of Success Connect. During the first semester of the 2016-2017 school year, Success Connect was held every Wednesday. The Student Council conducted a school wide survey that asked students and teachers for their opinion on the Success Connect and Success Support periods. Not only was the feedback informative, it also provided the Student Council with a diverse range of opinions on this important matter. A recurring sentiment was to move Success Connect from Wednesday to Friday, seeing that unit tests and quizzes are mainly conducted from Mondays to Thursdays rather than Fridays. By doing so, students would be able to ask teachers for assistance and ask questions during Success Support from Monday to Thursday. This successful change would not have occurred without the important feedback from students and teachers.

The quiet study rooms during Success Support were also implemented as a result of numerous students stating they would like to have a quiet area to study in. Up until the introduction of quiet rooms, students would have to work in classrooms where other students may be holding discussions. By creating designated quiet rooms, students will be able to have the chance to work in silence in order to complete assignments, study or read.

The Student Council has recently launched a health and wellness campaign to promote mental health awareness at the school. Although the campaign planning is still underway, the council is looking forward to promoting the mental well-being of the students at Lester B. Pearson.

Although the school year approaches its end, the Student Council continues to remain active in advocating for the student body. It is never too late to voice out your opinion, and the Student Council at Lester B. Pearson is always ready to listen to suggestions. Everyone is welcome to check out the Student Council every Tuesday at lunch in Room 2117.  Even the smallest ideas can make a big difference at the school, so what are you waiting for? Join the Student Council today.



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