Humans of Pearson: Casey Kellow

Written by: Naoreen Kabir – Grade 12

You can follow Casey’s art Instagram here (@casrakell)

When did you start drawing?

“I started hardcore drawing last year, when I made my Instagram account, but I think I’ve always loved drawing.”

Why do you do art?

“I do art because being creative is a big part of my life. I love seeing art made by different artists, and how they motivate me to continue to improve my art.”

What’s the most challenging part about art for you?

“The biggest challenge for me is finding inspiration. Art block is so real!”

Do you have any tips for fellow students who are interested in art?

“If you’re interested in art, don’t stop doing it! Art requires practice, so if you believe your art isn’t ‘good enough’, it’ll definitely improve if you continue with it.”

Where did you learn to draw?

“I take art at Pearson, and I’ve taken a lot of pottery wheel and drawing classes outside of school. I think drawing classes helped me learn how to look at a reference photo and get basic shapes out of it… but then I just kinda do what I think looks right after that.”


All images were provided by Casey Kellow. Check out her Instagram  (@casrakell) if you haven’t already, she’s amazing!



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