5 Tips to Boost Your Grades

Written by: Soniya Bashyal – Grade 11


There is around one week left of school before final exams begin. This is the time when most of the students start to panic, as this is indeed the last chance to improve their grades. Whether you have slacked off all semester and want to improve your grades, or have worked tremendously hard and want to chip off the last bit of grades, I have five tips to help you make the best out of these last few weeks.

1. Hand in ALL your missing work. I can’t stress enough how important this is. This can be the difference between 60 and 80. Check your Homelogic for any of your missing work, and make sure to complete them. If there is any test that you haven’t done, consult your teacher about it. You want to make sure you complete and hand in all the assignments you’ve been given if possible. This can drastically improve your mark.


2. Give your best effort to all the current tests and assignments. You have one week of classes left! Literally. Challenge yourself to work as hard as you can for these last few weeks.

3. Start studying for the finals. This one may seem obvious, but it’s surprising how many students put off their studying ‘til the very last minute. This may seem a bit tedious if you happen to be a procrastinator, it’s okay, I get it, so am I. But believe me, if you study from now on, you’ll have a pretty good time when the finals arrive. While everyone is clutching their hair and pulling all-nighters to cram in some more time, you can get a good night’s sleep and relax before your exams. This also helps you manage your time if you have more than one exam to study for.


4. Make the most of your success support time. If there is any material that you have difficulty understanding, this is the perfect time for you to seek help. Most teachers are more than happy to help you, and this will make the studying much easier! If you’re in grade ten, use your class times or stay a little longer after school to get some help from your teachers.

5. Consult your teacher about extra credit. Whether your marks are at the low-low, or maybe you just want to increase your marks to its highest potential, this can be really helpful. Ask your teacher if there is any additional work that you can do for some marks. These additional marks act as a bonus on top your current grade. If you’ve gotten a bad mark on an assignment, offer to redo it. These will help you get the last boost of the marks that you need.

Good luck!

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