Preventing The Cold

Written by: Jennifer Ngo – Grade 11


Ah yes, cold/flu season has arrived, where sadly many of us at one point or another will become ill. Becoming ill is basically the worst feeling ever. You feel horrible, you can barely do anything, and you end up missing school. Now I know that you’re thinking, “Well missing school isn’t that bad?!”, but let’s think about it. The lessons and work you miss will have to be made up at another time, and you have other assignments to do on top of the missed work. So basically, you end up overloading yourself with assignments, which is a real pain. Okay, so now you’re thinking, “Well what if I just go to school and just deal with it?”. While this may work in most cases, the chance of you becoming even more sick and spreading your sickness to others is quite high. Like let’s be real people, do you want a school filled with sick children?! I do not think so! So instead of going through all of that, you should try to prevent yourself from getting sick as much as possible! So how can you do this? Well here are some tips on preventing the cold!

1.Staying hydrated


Please people, I cannot stress how important it is to stay hydrated. Your body is made up of over 50% of water and it constantly needs a source of water in order to function properly. 8 glasses a day is the estimated amount for a person to consume in order to stay hydrated. [Source]

2. Frequently washing your hands


With advancements in the sciences we now know that illnesses and diseases are caused by germs and not from evil curses or witchcraft (hinting at Medieval Europe). We also know that washing our hands with soap is the best to keep the germs at bay. Frequently washing your hands is a great way to reduce your chance at becoming sick. Another tip is to bring hand sanitizer at school, so you always have it handy when you need it the most, and when your teacher won’t let you go to the washroom. This especially applies to when you’re around sick people at school and you really cannot help being around them.

3. Dressing for the weather


Weather in Calgary is known to be quite brutal. So far this year it has not been so bad, however we must always be preparing for the worst. Dressing very warm and cozy should be everyone’s top priority as the weather gets colder and colder.

4. Eating healthy


Eating healthy food has many great benefits for your body as it provides your body with essential minerals and nutrients that it needs in order to properly function.  Proper foods also help strengthen your immune system in order for it to fight off foreign cells. A good tip is to eat a lot of foods filled with vitamin C such as oranges as vitamin C can greatly help your body’s immune system. [Source]

5. Getting the flu shot


C’mon guys, we don’t live in the 18th century, we live in 21st century also known as the era where we have vaccines! Vaccines are the best way to help decrease your chance in becoming sick and with our ~free healthcare~ we can also get it for free. Finding a place to get your vaccine shot is quite easy as you can get it at your local pharmacy or at any medical clinic. Additionally, if you’re a person who is quite scared of needles, they have the vaccine in a nasal spray so do not worry.

6. Getting 8 hours of sleep


Your body needs plenty of rest in order to work efficiently. As tempting as it seems to stay up ‘til 3 on your phone on a school night, it is best to not do so. Another perk of getting a good night’s rest is that you don’t have to go to school feeling groggy and tired, which helps you pay attention more in class.

7. Acknowledging your sickness right away


For most of us, we’d rather not deal with the idea that we are about to become sick until the symptoms hit us full on. Maybe you would think “Oh this should just pass” or “Nah I don’t think I’ll get sick that easily”. However this is not the best solution when you feel some symptoms of a cold or fever. The best idea is to get treated right away or go to a family doctor if you aren’t sure.

And if you do eventually get sick….


STAY AT HOME! You don’t want to become the person that makes like another 10 people sick because you could not stay at home. It is best to get treated and feel more rested before returning to school. You will feel much more energized and prepared to handle those dreaded assignments, even the ones you missed.

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