Humans of Pearson: Aymen Sherwani

Written by: Naoreen Kabir – Grade 12

What are your favourite and least favourite parts about being a teenager?

“My favourite part of being a teenager would probably be the opportunities I get in terms of time. Even though I’m in the IB program, it’s very liberating to a be a teenager in that sense because you just get a chance to be so involved.

What I think is a con of being a teenager is, you’re not taken seriously enough. I do wish my ideas, regardless of my age, were taken into account more as if I was an adult.”

What was the biggest challenge for you in high school?

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-6-56-27-pm“The only thing I can remember as being a challenge would be relating to the IB program around February time, in terms of deadlines. The demands of being a student are the worst. I think most adults forget what it’s like to be a student with the amount of deadlines we have. You have a historical investigation due on Monday, and then the day after you have a bio IA due, and then you have an exam. It just piles up.”


What’s something about you that you wish more people would understand?

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-6-55-03-pm“A lot of the times when people meet me, they think that I’m- I don’t wanna use the word but- rude? I don’t wanna use the other word, haha.”

A witch with a capital B?
“Yeah, haha. They assume that without getting to know me and I think it’s just because of how my face looks or something. I remember in grade ten, people didn’t like me because they thought I was really smart, because I just used to answer a lot of questions and apparently blink a lot. A lot of people are intimidated by me. But, I’m just a regular human being. I’d say I’m really sensitive.

The fact that people tell me ‘I was so intimidated by you when I met you’, well, you shouldn’t be? Either they’ll think I’m overqualified or they’ll be like ‘Oh, she’s really good at talking’ and they’ll give me things I couldn’t even do. I remember I was at this conference for computer science. I just knew how to talk really well. I didn’t know anything about coding python, and they were like ‘She’s smart! She can do python!’ But I can’t do python!”




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