Zinc Drive at LBP: Donate Your Old Batteries

Written by: Riman Shaikh – Grade 10


These Can Save Lives!

So, what do you know about zinc? Well, everyone knows that it is an element on the periodic table, is found in batteries and a lot of our food. But did you know that it also can save lives?  Every year, over 2 billion people don’t get enough zinc in their diets, and 450 000 children die due to zinc deficiency. Zinc is essential to brain development and growth, preventing infections and strengthening the immune system. Over 600 000 children die every year from diarrhea, which can be prevented simply by incorporating zinc into their diets. Now, you can stop this from continuing simply by donating your old batteries to the school’s zinc drive for the Zinc Saves Lives Campaign, started by Teck.


The Zinc Saves Lives Campaign strives to deliver zinc to people who need it the most in the form of zinc tablets for less than $0.50, along with other essential requirements. Rather than throwing away your used batteries and indirectly polluting the environment, now you can donate those batteries to help save lives. So far, over 120 000 000 people have been aided by Zinc Saves Lives.


If you want to learn more about other ways in which you can raise awareness of zinc deficiency, you can go to Teck’s Zinc Saves Lives website by clicking on this link.

Don’t forget to donate some batteries starting next week!



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