Humans of Pearson: Mohit Parmar

Written by: Naoreen Kabir – Grade 12

Note: Mohit has requested his picture not be published in the article.

photo-1473886041811-de35bd962210“I didn’t really have anything left anymore. But I never decided to give up. I just kept trying hard. Doing the best that I could. I ended up joining wrestling even though I had four cores and a grade 12 [course], and I still managed to do decent in that. I never won a wrestling match. I think I only won once. I always lose. Grade 11 was about me being a loser and figuring out how to pick myself up and do something better. Having all that said, in grade 12, I’m in six clubs and I have decent grades. I feel more confident about who I am.

It’s all from that one downfall that happened in grade 11. All the events that go wrong in your life shape who you are as a person. You become ten times better as a person, you can do so much more, if you just continue. Right when you get to the point of giving up, that’s the point when your life will change, because you can’t get lower than there. Everything from there on goes up.

Of course you can get support from people, but you should make your life so you only need to depend on yourself. You can’t depend on other people, and that’s what I’ve learned. At the end of the day, it’s all about you and how you see yourself as a person. And what you’re gonna do about [your challenges]. If you’re doing bad in school, what are you gonna do about it? You’re gonna study hard, you’re gonna actually focus. If you’re not good with social skills, what are you gonna do about it? You’re gonna talk to people. So just ask yourself the question. That’s what I did to myself, and from there I managed to bring myself back up.”

What’s something about you that a lot of people would find surprising?

“I was a super bad kid in elementary. I had the worst attitude ever. My teachers hated me. I’d steal, swear, do a lot of bad stuff really. I used to get in trouble pretty much every single day.

In his defense, bubbles are super fun.

One time, I blew bubbles in the bathroom and got in trouble for that ‘cause I was skipping class. But I thought blowing bubbles was cooler. So that got me in trouble.

I was very dumb. We had a spelling test, and we had to spell ‘sea’ as in an ocean ‘sea’, and I wrote the letter C.”

What do you love to do and why?

pexels-photo“I love to play video games because I feel like that’s what made me a different person. I was never motivated to do well in school, but playing video games, that sets a challenge, going on a journey and accomplishing something. That’s kind of what I apply in life. A lot of video games, especially those that are focused around story and characters, it’s what I’ve grown up with and what I’ve learned from, more than a lot of things. 

There’s this whole misconception that video games are bad for people, and that it’s for people that are lazy and have nothing else to do. But I think I can defy that, because I’ve done much more, and video games have kinda helped me there.

The reason why I play story based games is because, like any stories, it’s like watching a movie or reading a book, except that you get to experience it and play it. So you can see what a character goes through and how they overcome it, whether it’s realistic or not. But that’s the whole point. It’s like this whole idea of fantasy, but you can still apply the aspects that you learn from those stories into your own life and try to learn from it. Learn how to be a better person.”

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