6 Useful Google Chrome Extensions

Written by: Vivian Huynh – Grade 11

Google Chrome is a well-known web browser that’s designed to be fast, easy to use, and secure. It is widely used by almost all people, including high school students. As modern students, most of us regularly use Google Chrome. Here’s a list of five Google Chrome extensions that you might find useful.

1. StayFocusd


StayFocusd does a great job at increasing productivity. It allows you to block websites that waste your time, such as social media sites. By doing this, you’ll be less distracted, and a lot more focused. It includes several other features, including the ability to set a limit for the daily time spent on specific websites.

2. News Feed Eradicator (for Facebook)


For those of you that use Facebook, you might find yourself scrolling endlessly down your news feed for hours. The News Feed Eradicator completely removes your news feed, replacing it with an inspiring quote. This way, you’re able to check your notifications and message your friends, without falling into the “bottomless pit”, also known as the news feed.

3. Google Dictionary


Google Dictionary allows you to quickly find word definitions. You can simply double click the word, and the definition will pop up. There’s also an option that allows you to search up the definition from your toolbar.

4. Grammarly


Grammarly checks your grammar as you type. If you prefer to write using an application outside of Google Chrome, such as Microsoft Word, Grammarly also has an app specifically for Microsoft Office.

5. uBlock origin


Having advertisements all over the websites you visit can be very irritating. Therefore, ad-blockers are a must-have. uBlock origin does the perfect job!

6. Floating for Youtube


Floating for Youtube makes it easier to watch YouTube videos, because you can watch the videos in a customizable pop-up window, outside of the Google Chrome browser. (Note: Floating for Youtube is technically an application, not an extension).

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