Wondering Why Everyone Loves K-Pop?

Written by: Akshi Tokas – Grade 10


If you’re wondering about why kpop is so popular, you have come to the right place. Well first of all you need to know what kpop actually is; it’s basically Korean music, and it can be any genre, not just pop. It can be electronic, hip hop, rock, and R&B. You might think that all there is to kpop is the funky cool colors, and dance steps…well that’s only a small part of it. These are 7 reasons why I think kpop is just amazing.

1. The Costumes/Hair

tumblr_static_kpop_hairrThis is probably the first thing that catches the eye when watching a kpop video. The crazy hairstyles and shiny costumes really stand out, which gives each member a chance to shine in their own parts. Kpop artists usually change to different concepts and hairstyles each time they release a new song. This is what makes it so exciting to see what they might release next. By having different outfits for each member, you can sense the different personalities.


2. Choreography

Choreography in kpop is really something. It stands out quite a bit for some groups, while it doesn’t for some. The dances are truly like eye candy, they make you want to try it out for yourself, and see if you can master it. I personally love the music videos that focus only on the dance, and there are a lot of those in kpop. They don’t honestly have a storyline but it’s still amazing to watch because of the difficult and spectacular dance moves the groups are showing us. They usually have that one dance move that they use the most, and it’s really catchy. Fans often wait for the kpop group’s dance practice videos to learn the choreography.

For example: BTS’s Fire

3. Visuals and Vocals

I think it is a known fact that everyone loves watching something that is visually beautiful, and sounds satisfying . Kpop does a spectacular job at making those two things come true. By visuals, I don’t mean the people (that’s a bonus). I mean the music video’s quality and production value. If that’s great, it makes it nice to watch, and not boring. All kpop videos have different themes and great production value which makes it interesting, and exciting to watch. If you don’t believe me, check out this video and see for yourselves.

4. Catchy Melodies

Since we are talking about songs, it has to have catchy melodies that have you singing along even if you don’t know what they are saying. These melodies I guarantee you will be singing all week long.

5. Great Messages

You might not understand the lyrics, but once you read them, it will definitely make you feel great. Some songs have such meanings and depth behind their lyrics that they have inspired many people. Watch this video to understand the message behind it, oh and don’t forgot to turn on captions. *sigh* The cons of being a international kpop fan.

6. The Stage Performances

Unlike other artists, kpop artists have lots of stage performances to promote their songs. Which is literally like everyday because there are so many live shows going on, which the artists go on to gain more fans. In awards shows the performances are really stunning, as if you are actually there to watch their concert. They do different stuff too, which keeps you from getting bored. By ‘stuff’ I mean they have props, and they do movement with the camera (which is really cool). A con is that the shows are almost all in Korea.*crying*

Imagine being at the event, it’s amazing!

7. Talent/ Hard Work

Of course to perform in those big stages you need talent, but some kpop idols have broken free of the boundaries of the group. I don’t mean like leaving the group, no I meant doing separate projects outside of the group. The idols that get to debut worked really hard to get there; They started training at a very young age, missing out on lots of things kids do, but they had to in order to accomplish their dreams. There are lots of shows which showcase the idols’ talents. For example, there are dance shows, and singing shows, and lots of dramas which idols act in. Here are some links for you to watch that showcase the talent of the idols.

Bora’s Tap Dance


Lost Stars

Overall, kpop brings a lot of people together. To be honest, all the friends I have made this year were because of kpop. Well, that’s it, but if you want to watch more, here are some of my recommendations of my latest favourite music videos:

Save Me

Hard Carry

Dancing King

Russian Roulette

Images: 1/2



  1. omg i never though there was another army’s in Lester b Pearson less grade 10 i hope i get to see you in person one day and keep up your awesome work i was thinking about writing a post like this before i saw your work but now i dont need to thanks to you


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