Anime Review: One Piece

Written by: Areebah Abdul – Grade 10

Disclaimer: The following article is sponepiece1oiler free.

“If you don’t take risks, you can’t create a future!”

-Monkey D. Luffy

Don’t let the ridiculous number of episodes deter you from watching this masterpiece. In this anime, you will ride a free ticket on a roller coaster with humour, action, and adventure waiting for you on each loop and curve.


The first One Piece manga chapter was released in 1997. The first episode aired on TV in 1999. One Piece is still ongoing to this day. It has aired more episodes than The Simpsons even though One Piece is ten years younger than it. Why is it that people love One Piece so much? Keep reading to find out!

The Pirate King

Many years ago, a fearsome pirate named Gol D. Roger achieved wealth, fame, and power to earn the title of Pirate King. The “One Piece” is the most valuable treasure in the world. The Pirate King was later caught and executed. Before his execution, he revealed that anyone who can find the One Piece will become the new pirate king. “You want my treasures? I’ll let you have it. I left it all in one place.” This sparked the new pirate era. Pirates all around the world set out to find the One Piece. But there is one particular pirate that would do anything to become the next Pirate King. His name is Monkey D. Luffy! The story follows Luffy in his exciting adventures trying to find the “One Piece”, defeating villains, discovering new islands, and slowly assembling his unique pirate crew called the “Straw Hat Pirates”.

Monkey D. Luffyonepiece3.gif

Luffy is an unusual 17 year old boy. (Cliché male protagonist in every anime). His lack of intelligence and his utter fearlessness are the most obvious traits you will notice about his character. He will be amazed by the simplest things and be confused at the same time. But Luffy is overall a genius in the concept of fighting. He goes through the most amazing character development throughout the episodes (all 750+ of them). When Luffy was just a child, he ate a supernatural fruit called the “Gum Gum Fruit”, one of the many “Devil Fruits” that can be found in the One Piece world. His body gained the properties of rubber in exchange for never being able to swim.

Kid Luffy eating the Gum Gum fruit

We are constantly introduced to new characters with unique personalities and abilities. The main characters each have their own (sad) backstories that are explained in pure depth. Eiichiro Oda,the author, bursts with creativity when creating a new character. The characters’ personalities range from silly to dead serious. All of the characters have their own memorable powers, from the ordinary to the truly bizarre.

Art Style

I must say One Piece has a very unusual art style. Although I disliked the art style the first time I watched One Piece, I gradually started getting used to it. The backgrounds/scenery are impressively detailed. But I personally do not like the way the females aren’t drawn nearly as diverse as the males are. (I know anime is probably not a good thing to watch considering part of me is a feminist.) The females are drawn in a hourglass figure. Their breasts are large enough to practically break their backs if they move even an inch. (I wonder what would happen if this was in real life?) Setting that aside, Oda comes up with fantastical and awe-inspiring designs. From the fantasy islands to the mystical creative themes.


The only thing I am worried about One Piece is the length. Some animes tend to lose their quality with useless fillers. Even though One Piece has managed to successfully pull this off with over 750+ episodes, I am still concerned about the fact that things might get repeated in the same cycle. The arcs are sometimes dragged far, thus making it somewhat dull.

Overall, One Piece is a creative anime pulled together with the tiniest details and the fascinating characters. Give the first episode a try, and let me know what you think about One Piece.

Thanks for reading!



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