Experience Playstation VR in Calgary!

Written by: Mohit Parmar – Grade 12

Fancy yourself a look into the future of gaming and entertainment? PlayStation is having an event this week at CrossIron Mills until October 2nd where you’ll be able to try out their virtual reality gaming headset. The demo booth is available every day until then, within mall hours. For more information, check out this link.

My experience: I tried PSVR a few weeks ago and it was a highly immersive experience that cannot be easily described with words. There were 5 game demos to try out, each lasting for about 5-7 minutes; I managed to try 2 of them. One of them was a cinematic which involved the player being submerged under the ocean with the ability to look in all directions around them. There is a certain twist and series of events as you progress the demo that I won’t spoil for you, but it makes you feel uneasy and will increase your heart rate as you watch the events unfold. Be sure to check out that demo if you plan on going.

The other demo I tried was intended for experienced gamers and it placed me into the cockpit of a spacecraft equipped with various weapons. Immediately I was launched into space and was given the objective to fight against other spaceships with my arsenal. This demo was very immersive in terms of piloting the spacecraft and navigating my way through space as I chased enemy airships. It was a fun demo that I recommend trying for people experienced with using the PlayStation 4 controller.

Overall, PlayStation VR is a phenomenal virtual reality experience that will bring a smile to your face. If you do happen to be nearby CrossIron this weekend, be sure to check it out and taste a glimpse of the future.

PS: For those of you with glasses that are wondering how the headset fits, it feels a bit awkward based on your frame size, but just play around with the adjustment settings and you should be able to find a comfortable spot that will help you have a better viewing experience.



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