Spring Break Skincare Products Review

Written by: Aymen Sherwani – Grade 11

Over the spring break, I established that I wanted to fix up all the damages I had been doing to my skin in the previous months. Of course that came with the obvious strict skincare regimen, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep, but I decided to go a little further and amp up my skin routine by buying some more products that could potentially benefit me. So far, the results have been outstanding with some of the products; however they have been disastrous with others as well. Though, this experience has convinced me that allopathic skincare treatment is much better than homeopathic DIY methods. Sure, the occasional yogurt mask doesn’t hurt, but professional skin treatment definitely presents quicker results to the well-being of one’s skin. So without further ado, here are 4 of the products I slathered all over my face for the last 10 days, for everyone that wants that ‘healthy glow’ for their skin.

OleHenrickson Sheer Transformation Cream ($40)

sheertransformationThis was actually my favourite product I bought over the break as it gave this glow to my face while simultaneously fixing any dark spots on my face as well. Due to the fact that I stay up so late, I used to carry more baggage under my eyes than a cargo plane does. However, after using the sheer transformation cream under my eyes, it was as if I never had under eye bags at all! It is products like that of OleHenrickson which convince me going professional for skincare is better than DIY. The cream, which is supposed to be used in the morning, did have a peculiar smell though. When I first used it, for some reason I thought there was a bag of salt and vinegar flavoured potato chips nearby (yuck), but again the benefits outweigh the cons.

Tea Tree Oil Face Mask ($18)

teatreeThe Tea Tree Face Mask may be one of my favourite as well, because the moment I put it on I felt refreshed, due the smoothness of the product, and the smell of it, which was a great harmony between earthen and fruity. I noticed an immediate difference in my skin after a few days, as most of my acne cleared up, and my skin felt smoother over all. I would recommend this product if you have any stubborn acne, or if you have combination skin.

Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask ($32)


I was quite excited when I bought this product because the saleswoman at the Body Shop told me that stem cell technology, which leads to a faster turnover of facial epithelial cells, had been at play – because I really needed to get rid of my acne scars. After a week of going to sleep with the collagen mask on, and waking up with rosy, healthy skin, I was totally convinced that it worked great, especially considering that I only need a fingertip amount per night. Not only did the collagen mask help to even out discolouration on my face, it also made my skin tone look less ashy, reversing a lot of the damage from all the all-nighters I’ve pulled.  It got a little sticky at times, but that was only because I had been a bit too generous with application.

Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask ($23)

 seaweedIf you have oily skin, the seaweed mask is well suited to your face, because it decreases the excess of sebum production which is normally occurring in your pores. It is recommended that you steam your face prior to using this mask though, as it also washes away impurities like blackheads and dirt in your pores. Personally, I didn’t enjoy this product as much as I expected that I would. It dried out my skin too quickly, rather than doing what it was supposed to, such as establish an even skin tone on my face. I wouldn’t recommend using this clay mask if you have combination skin, too often.


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