Humans of Pearson: Dalena Do

That’s what we storytellers do. We restore order with imagination. We instill hope again and again and again.” – Walt Disney

Storyteller: Dalena Do. Ambitious. Athletic. Thoughtful. Wise. Human.

Written by: Tammy Ma – Grade 12

What is your favourite high school experience? What has the “Pearson High School” experience given you so far?

I’d say that if you were able to go to high school with you friends from junior high and/or elementary, [it] probably makes it the best. Over the years, Pearson has up’ed their school spirit a lot more which makes it more fun! Joining sports clubs was a fun period for me. Some people were disappointed that I didn’t join this year, but sometimes feelings/priorities change. Especially since it’s senior year, it’s surreal and it’s nice to see everyone get together and have fun together, the dances, pep rallies, charities, spirit week, home games, etc. Overall, everyone’s trying to make each other feel included.

What do you do and why do you do it?

I act/ think in a mature perspective because it makes sense to me. I don’t cry over the little things. If I see someone do that, I want to calm them down and show them the bigger picture. When you think maturely, you don’t judge people for what they do/say, because you know that it’s a mistake/phase and they will eventually learn from it. Kind of getting off topic, but I do it because of the people I surround myself with ― doesn’t typically mean the age, just the same mind.

Is there someone who has inspired you? If so, who and how?

I haven’t seen Miss. Jacobi from Jr. High since like last year but, she’s like a best friend, she gave me a lot of confidence! She was so cool and comfortable around me. She’s a strong woman, not a push-over; I look up to anyone that’s like that, a leader. And, she’s funny, real, intelligent, and genuine and smiles a lot.

If you could go back to the past and tell yourself a two-word advice, what would those two words be? Why?

Look around ― growing up during your adolescent age you might go through some complications that make you feel like you’re the only one experiencing them, whether they are negative or positive. You aren’t alone, it’s better to look around you for people who can relate to you, help you get through tough times and/or share those fun moments together. And once you look around, everything feels easier to flow with, to join, to breathe. Sometimes when you walk only straight down the hallways with your head overworking before you even get to the next class, you don’t see the people waving their hands, smiling, trying to say hi.

The key to success is acceptance.



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