Animation Club Interview

Written by: Naoreen Kabir – Grade 11


Since their first meeting on September 24th, the creative and diligent students of Animation Club have been working to prepare for the Provincial Skills Competition in Edmonton during the spring of 2016. Under the guidance of Ms.Lock, they are building abilities in the animation style of their choice: 2D character animation or 3D animation with models.

Room 1125, better known as the computer graphics room, serves mainly as a gathering spot for the students. Most of the work toward developing their animation skills is done at home, through a D2L shell for the members.

Unfortunately, not every member will be able to compete in Edmonton.  Prior to provincials, an in-school competition will be held on a non-instructional day. The top two students from this competition will go on to represent Pearson at provincials.

In the 2015 competition, current eleventh graders Jeffery and Ben were those two talented and lucky students.

Jeffery walked into Pearson in Grade 10 with a bit of animation experience using a program called Pivot. “[I like animating] because it looks really cool.” Jeffery explained.

On the day of the provincial competition, the participants were divided into the 2D animation group and the 3D animation group, and given their topic right away. Jeffery and Ben competed in the 2D category.

“The topics that we had to do, for this year, were witchcraft, love, and transformation. We had to make an animation based on that. We were doing this thing where these two girls were having a rivalry over one guy.” Jeffery described.

“One jealous of the other, they were fighting and started casting spells. Eventually, she was going to hex the other girl into a rabbit to transform her, but something went wrong, and she transformed the guy into a rabbit. Unfortunately, that didn’t translate very well, so it’s sort of confusing when you actually watch it without knowing the given information. It made sense at the time.”

Their animation is quite impressive considering the time limit of the competition. The time given was sufficient for most of the teams. However, as Jeffery recounted, “The people beside us couldn’t finish their animation, so at the very end it was like a rough draft. This one person had to work by herself because her partner was doing exam practice, so she also had to finish, but again had to do rough work near the end.” Thankfully, Jeffery and Ben were able to meet the deadline, achieving ninth place.

Although this club is fairly new, its performance is promising. As Ms.Lock proudly explained, two years ago, Pearson Animation Club won the provincial competition and went to nationals!

They may not have won last year, but their ambitions have not shaken. I asked Jeffery and Ben, “Are you guys hoping to win this spring?”

With not the slightest ounce of hesitation, Jeffery replied, “Yes!”

To which Ben added, “We can, we will.”




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