Humans of Pearson: Janella Flores

Written by: Tammy Ma – Grade 12

After explaining to a group of friends about how a broken heart can kill you literally, she said, “so, guys, never get your heart broken”.

Lifesaver: Janella Flores. Intelligent. Kind. Beautiful. Awesome. Human.


What is one thing you did in high school that you will never ever regret?

“One thing I did in high school that I will never regret is joining Financial Club. Every meeting, we get to eat really good pizza and that was perhaps the greatest part of being a member. Actually, I think that the pizza was what made me join it in the first place. You also learn how to save money and be more financially knowledgeable. They teach you things like how to budget your money and why you should pay your credit card bills on time. I think that this’ll be useful for me in the future, I hope.”

Who inspires you? How did they inspire you?

“My late grandmother was the greatest person I had ever met. She was such a resilient person and I know that she had gone through so much, I would be able to face any obstacles in my way too. Because of her, I believed that I was also strong enough to survive anything that was thrown at me. She inspired me to have courage. I was her greatest fan and she was mine.”

What makes you smile every day?

“I guess what makes me smile every day is seeing other people being nice to other people. It makes me think that there’s still goodness in today’s society. I think that it’s rare nowadays that it makes me surprisingly really happy.”

What is your favourite quote? Why is it your favourite quote?

“My favourite quote would be “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope” by Martin Luther King, Jr. There’s something very uplifting about this quote. It tells us that while there may be a lot of struggles that we have to go through, if we hope and try to see the bright side of things, we will be just fine. I mean there’s always light at the end of a tunnel, right?”

What superpower would you want?

“I would want the power to read people’s minds. Humans have gotten so complex nowadays that you don’t even know what they’re feeling or thinking because there are so many reasons preventing them from telling you. I would want to be able to help people without even having them tell me. If someone is having a hard time because of someone or something, I really would want to do something about it. I’ve experienced many times when I couldn’t tell anyone that I was hurt and sad. I would never want anyone to experience that.”

If you could go back to the past and tell yourself a two word advice, what would those two words be and why?

“If I could tell my younger self a two word advice, I would tell her to ‘worry less’. I mean there’s too many things that are uncertain in the future and she might miss the things that are important now. The future will wait, the present won’t. I remember just being alone in my room one day and thinking about what I’m gonna be doing for the rest of my life and I actually got depressed for a whole week. I would want her to live in the moment, live in the now.”



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