Humans of Pearson: Richard Lee-Thai

Written by: Tammy Ma – Grade 12

We need more dreamers in this world. And, I think I have found one.

Dreamer: Richard Lee-Thai. Creative.Wise.Purposeful. Human.


 “What would make me happy is to see my close friends succeed with their goals and reach their full potential.”

Playing Flute

 “In music, I asked my teacher if I could conduct one of the pieces. And, I did during the Spring Concert. It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, so it’s nice to actually be able to do that.”

“It was my piece to create and teach and that was really fun.”

“I took a risk and it was rewarding.”


 “We are our own superheroes.”

“I never want to look down at other people, and at the same time, I don’t want to be behind them either. I want to be on equal grounds. And it’s the same thing for everyone.”


 “Regardless if you have had negative or positive experiences in your life, in your past, it still has helped you grown in some way. It kind of goes back to the fact that you don’t really understand happiness until you have experienced sadness. It’s the same thing with regret. It is a part of life. You are going to regret some things, but it’s sort of being human.”


 “If you make a mistake in your life, you can always right it. You can always make it better in the future because you learn from it and you won’t do it next time.”

Portrait of a Writer

 “But, I’d rather have pressure than [my parents] not care about my life at all. If there is pressure, then that means that they are invested in my life. They care about what happens to me. Whatever I chose to do, I don’t want to disappoint them.”


 “If there is a problem, you have to find a solution to it. You don’t just say ‘oh, I have this problem’ and complain about it. You have to find a way around it.”

All photos courtesy of Richard Lee-Thai.



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