Why’d I come to school today? (Poem)

Written by: Naoreen Kabir – Grade 11 

(Image Source)

Why’d I come to school today?
Just counting down the minutes
This teacher’s a bore
The work’s a chore
Can’t wait for class to finish

Why am I at school today?
There’s nothing here to do
Nothing new to learn
No clubs I’m in
And no one to talk to

Should have just stayed home today
I wouldn’t feel this low
I’d sleep in ’till one
Have tons of fun
And binge watch Naruto

I had an awful cold today
I stayed home and relaxed
With a beating head
I lay in bed
At least I’m not in class…

What did you guys do today?
I asked my trusty friend
“We got free cake, watched films and ate
Had a concert, went real late
The field iced over so we went to skate
Rode dinosaurs, almost broke a gate
A dance and a school-wide speed date
Then blew fireworks to celebrate
Oh, and Obama gave a speech at the end”

I was so bored at home today
And was proven a fool
How come this only happens on
The days I’m not at school?



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