L.B.P.’s First Rugby Game of 2015

Written by: Andrés Igelka – Grade 10


‘Twas the afternoon of April the 20th, 2015. It was my first real rugby match in more than 5 months and my first in playing as one of the Patriots!

IMG_0592[1]We had many after-school and morning practices and conditioning sessions before the match, so everyone on the team was ready to win. We even did a scrimmage a few days before, which was a lot of fun. Anyways, we received all our Patriot gear beforehand, and the team met about an hour earlier in the team locker room before the match. The coach talked to us about the upcoming game and everyone was hyped. We went outside and practiced for about 30 minutes before the game.


Western Canada. This was the school we were going to beat later on that day. We glanced looks at the arriving school bus while we kept passing the ball around. The game was starting very soon and many teachers, parents, and friends were arriving. Sean, one of my teammates, asked coach Gibbs if we could have one more huddle-up. He said yes and pumped us up even more for the game, with one of his speech-chant combinations. Now it was time for the game to begin.IMG_0596[1]

During the game, I found that there were a lot of, “Let’s go, come on!” attitudes between players on our team. The game was very furious and both teams played well. Evidently, the Pearson Patriots played better, because we won 20 – 17! Thank you to the people who cheered us on during the match, and afterwards.




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