Ignorance Is Bliss (Poem)

Written by: Nabila Esmail – Grade 11

Ignorance is bliss
Even if the brighter things I miss
Not knowing the sadness
Does not make me any less
I cannot bare the pain
It was like when my heart was on my sleeve… a mere stain

Now I know that circles can mean life
But they can also mean death and invasion in moral strife
A room filled with the echo of gossip
Where music lets the hard words slip
I just wanted to trip
But instead I let my heart flip

Why do you take it as an offense?
As soon as you hear something you do not like you take the defense
Do you not contain the patience?
Do you not understand?
Blinding your eyes with a band
That is ignorance at its finest
Open your eyes, be my guest

I may be known as the one ignorant
Living in my own world, my bubble
But at least I am safe, not knowing any struggle
When the limit is reached I can explode
It is hard to take me out of the mode
Where I cry and I shout
Where I cannot help but think endlessly and pout
Did you actually just say that?
And I did not even do anything
In silence I sat

You kept talking and I tuned you out
You came to me and pulled my arm, you wanted me to come no doubt
But I am not who you want me to be
And I never will be, just wait and see
You do not understand the stress
But do not consider me any less
Because I too have a mean side
Especially after this you left me no choice, no room to slide

I do not show it because that is not who I am
Anyways to me I always condemn
That side that hurts other, the ones I love
In harm’s way my angry words shove
But I am forced and I hate it
I always just do what I see fit

There are so many bad people in the world
But do you not understand that I am alone who twirled
In the beauty and silence and without the word ‘no’
But I guess human nature is that we always look for a show
I thought sugar is always better than spice
But then people call you too nice

I am blinded because I hate the things happening
Ignorance is the thing that keeps me laughing
I try to brush it off, cut me some slack
Wars and death and attacks
I did not want to mention because just that
I hate it; I hate this
Can we not only see that ignorance is bliss?

Innocence is bliss
So everything else I dismiss
Not knowing of all the negativity
Present endlessly in the world where it is used as a form of productivity
In innocence not much can be missed
Because you enjoy the finest pleasure
Even merely being kissed





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