Pearson’s Project Runway: Review

Written by: Aymen Sherwani – Grade 10

4 Stars

In the evening of the 18th, & morning of the 19thof March, the fashion department of Pearson was completely and utterly hectic. It was the day of the 3rd annual Pearson Runway, and models were bustling with show preparations while Ms. Van Egteren, the fashion coordinator, dealt with technicalities. Within a few hours, the cafeteria was transformed into a runway, stars in the shade of French rose & mauve were scattered across the entire set.

Attending the evening show, I essentially gained the opportunity to interview the MUAs from the Alberta—, the MCs for the show, the coordinators, the audience, & the models themselves.

“We’ve been planning this all year,” stated Marie Burleigh, who was one of the two MCs for the show, along with Anna Shelefontiuk.

“Ms. Van Egteren has been the backbone of Project Runway, & I’m 90% sure that if she wasn’t present, no one would want to do a fashion show. It’s very stressful for her – I mean, she hasn’t eaten all day, because she had to deal with hair and makeup, clothing, and rehearsals.”

Amidst the bustle, Dezree, one of the models to grace the catwalk that nightsaid she “hopes everyone who attended was happy, and knew what people in the fashion industry do,” continuing on to add that, she “hopes everyone appreciated our hard work and dedication.”

I had hoped that all the stress would be worthwhile, and it was, considering the fact that I wasn’t disappointed – at least, to a certain extent.

In my opinion, the show could have been better in the sense of management. With all due respect to the fact that our fashion coordinator has incorporated blood & sweat into Project Runway – I was still somewhat unimpressed with the show itself, as technical difficulties and tension rose amongst management and models. Timing of models appearing and leaving was inconsistent at times, often presenting large gaps of awkward silences amongst the audience. I also believe that Marie & Anna, could have performed better as MCs, by engaging the audience with improvised humoror banter during those periods of technical difficulty – rather than just standing there. Furthermore, the set itself could have directed towards a certain theme, rather than the generic runway that evening.

As for the models – many lit up the stage, simply with their demeanors as well. My personal favourites were Khailla, Dezree, Faith, Diana & Bonoo, who all rocked the runway with their presence and smiles. (Great job, ladies!) The way I see it, the models had done a stellar job in presentation, especially considering the fact that all of them were volunteers without any experience.Diana

“It was very exciting to see my daughter on the runway, and I know how much this means to her, so I just had to be here tonight!” commented the mother of Faith, who was very ecstatic when her daughter opened the show, sporting a noire cape.

Clothes selection was also extremely well done, and I was often surprised that actual students at Pearson had designed and produced the clothes I was seeing in front of me, particularly the trench coat sported by Carrington in the shade of Venetian red. I also absolutely loved thepleated teal skirt by Jagat, worn by Faith, and the oh-so futuristic metallic dress worn by Diana.

I look forwards to attending next year’s fashion show, with hope for even more amazing stylistic choices that came forth this year. Seeing the products of talented fashion students was a truly humbling experience, as their creativity was awe-inspiring. As Coco Chanel said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.




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