Being the Middle Child

Written by: Andrés Igelka – Grade 10


Being the child in between the oldest and the youngest child has both its advantages and disadvantages. I, myself, am a middle child.

It includes the opportunity to be both the bigger brother and the younger brother, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. You have to take care of the younger brother at some times which can sometimes be a pain if you want to go somewhere or do something, but you get to make the decisions most of the time.

There are other obvious things to talk about of how it is to be one type of brother to the other so I will move on to what impacts the middle child directly, in the form of a list:

  • Some new clothes handed down from older brother (Less shopping for your own)
  • Being the primary go-to source of help between the brothers
  • Knowing how to handle various situations involving both older and younger people
  • Experiencing what the future could look like for you and a quick memory-lane to what you’ve done before in your life

Being the middle child is not as hard as it seems and I guess it’s a pretty cool experience. It’s not too frustrating and it’s not too boring compared to being the oldest and the youngest. It’s good to be the middle child.

Down below is a link to a site containing information about birth order personalities. You can easily scout out what you specifically want to read about if you’re not interested in the whole thing. A lot of things I agree with, some not. However, it is mostly targeted at Americans than Canadians so be wary of that.



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