Please Don’t Say You Love Me

Written by: Nabila Esmail – Grade 11 


Oh! It is that time of year again… Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air, loved ones are preparing to receive chocolates and flowers and loving ones are preparing to give. Another way I guess you can look at it is single awareness day.

I love Valentine’s Day! There is so much to do and to feel. I am single. Ready to mingle! Just kidding! But I find no sadness in saying that. I realize that for some it may be sad because they are alone, but it depends on how you look at it! You can easily get something for a friend or a stranger even, make Valentine’s Day a ‘random act of kindness’ day.

I have also heard that this whole scheme of things is for consumerism. Buying, selling, consumers, producers, flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, jewelry. But instead of that shouldn’t we be looking at the sentiment behind it? Can’t we make it into a mini Christmas? I know there is no compare for religious meaning, but I think as people we should be striving to give back to the community to others as much as possible. For example, as a school we also fundraise during Valentine’s Day!

Last year we had the cards, flowers and buttons, and this year we have Rafiki Chains and We Create Change. Rafiki is a Swahili word for friend, so you can get this bracelet for a girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend just a friend. So why not take a step forward and provide happiness and love for someone across the world? That’s what Valentine’s Day is about. Showing and expressing your sentiments through giving to the people you love.

When I think of Valentine’s Day I think love and happiness and candle-lit dinners, all brought to me thanks to movies and the TV. We always try to make our Valentine’s Day like that. Perfect gift, perfect restaurant, and sometimes I feel as though we forget the sweetness of just staying in and cuddling, maybe turning on a movie or playing a board game together. A place where you can be yourselves and grow in a relationship. In your PJ’s just enjoying the time together. But of course, gifts would be nice, but more sentimental and thoughtful rather than material.

I know many will disagree with my view but this is just what I think Valentine’s Day is about! Loving and showing the ones you love that you love them. Oh what a lovely feeling love is! Be raw, be you, stay in, have fun, LOVE!




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