Why Vel Bars are the Perfect Snack

Written by: Andrés Igelka – Grade 10 

vel bar pic (1)

Vel Bars are a delicious snack. They come in many different types including Deluxe Almond Bar, Deluxe Nut and Seed, Supreme Fruit and Nut and more. All of them are gluten free and naturally sweetened Vel Bars are also rich in antioxidants.

Some of the common ingredients that each type of bar shares (as shown in the titles mentioned above) are: brown flaxseeds, berries, pumpkin seeds, crisp brown rice, apricots, and more. So obviously it’s a source of fibre and there’s some health going into your body. The combination of these ingredients goes well together and I find the finished product of the bar to look pretty cool with every part of it bunched up together but still in whole pieces.

Each type has a unique taste so you’re bound to like one of the many. I personally like to keep 4 in my backpack daily: 2 for the morning and 2 for the afternoon. Just 2 of them can give you some energy for the rest of the day if you forget to eat breakfast or forget to bring your lunch. The only place where I have found these Vel bars are in Costco, so next time you go there I suggest buying a pack. Also, to my surprise, there is a review of the Vel bars pack that I have, here:


One comment

  1. Use to order them from klfoods,com. This site doesn’t seem to be in use. Where can I buy Vel Bars now? I live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


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