Why were 38 patients allegedly killed by an Italian nurse?

Written by: Faith Uweh – Grade 10


I was scrolling across my social media feed and I saw a title saying ‘nurse kills patients’ and upon further reading this is what I found.

Daniela Poggiali is a 42-year-old woman that now has murder charges against her, Italian newspaper Corriere di Bologna reports. The nurse caught the attention of authorities after the April death of 78-year-old Rosa Calderoni, according to the Independent’s translation of Italian newspaper Libero Quotidiano.

Calderoni was admitted to a hospital in the town of Lugo with a diabetes-related ailment, and died from what officials believe was a fatal injection of potassium chloride. Prosecutors say that their investigation is more difficult because potassium chloride leaves the bloodstream within a couple days, making it hard to detect.

Calderoni’s death occurred while Poggiali was on duty, and the resulting investigation found that 37 other patients also died mysteriously on her watch out of the 83 patients she had. Authorities now have video footage that Poggiali may have killed them all because she constantly said that her patients or their families were irritating her to her coworkers.

What made me more disgusted was when I read that her colleague said to the press “Poggiali was particularly euphoric and asked me to take a photo next to the corpse.” She continued on to say how she was “I was afraid and intimidated” which is reasonable but makes me question why she didn’t report the incident at work.

Police say the nurse’s cell phone included a photo of her making the thumbs-up sign next to a patient’s corpse, a dumb thing to do, and according to the New York Post she may face additional charges for disrespecting the dead.

In my opinion what she did was horrible I mean patients might die, but killing some? Really? Nurses are meant to care about your safety not endanger it.



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