We Day Alberta 2014 #thechangeisinourhands

Written by: Nabila Esmail – Grade 11we day

Source: Sofia Ahmed

This year I had the wonderful opportunity to attend We Day Alberta for the third time, but this time as a Crowd Pumper! We Day is a day where students all across Alberta are celebrated for all of their efforts in raising money for different fundraisers that are organized by themselves with the help of the Free Children Foundation.

The website is http://www.freethechildren.com/ .

We Day is an opportunity that comes once in a year that many of us do not take. It is seriously such an inspirational day which encourages you to spread word about your passions and make a change, one step at a time. It is us, the change is in our hands, now we just need to take our hands and use them to help others who cannot help themselves.

we day 1

Source: Carman Lim

This year, less than 18 students from our school community attended We Day. This was sad for teachers and other students as well because this is such a great and motivational opportunity that comes only once a year. It inspires and reminds everyone that it only takes one person to start something that can end up involving so many people. As a result, helping even more people and assist them in living a better life. The simplest but most effective way to explain this is like the Ripple Effect. In silence where everything seems broken and lost, one voice can help you overcome the quiet and raise your voice.

There are many campaigns that you can get involved in such as We Create Change, We Bake for Change, and We Are Silent. These activities are simple but go long ways in creating change. An example of my favourite We Day campaign is We Are Silent. For a full day in April, you collect pledges for a full day of silence. This represents a small sacrifice on our part for those who are silent every day because they are scared, or they believe that their voice will make no difference.

perf we day

Source: Carman Lim

All of these activities will be coming up soon, and we need help of the students, you guys, to help us. All of these fundraisers cannot work if we do not have the support from our school for the betterment of everyone. Please get involved! Let’s work together and start a movement of change! The sky is the limit to what we can do if we all work together as the Lester B. Pearson Patriots! A perfect medium to get involved is through the Leadership Club (PLOT) that meets every Monday at lunch to plan activities.

Also, Make sure to download the WE365 App to become even more involved! This is quoted from one of the speakers: “If Facebook and Twitter had a lovechild, it would be the WE365 App.” It is really easy and simple to use, and is compatible with most devices. On this app you can get involved and get really simple and fun ideas to raise money and awareness. You can track the number of hours you put into a fundraiser, create groups with your friends, and earn Badges that show how much you have contributed. Always remember, that although there may not be much, or it may not feel like much, doing something like downloading the app, is more than doing nothing!



Source: Abeer Ahmad

I am looking forward to We Day 2015, and to see many (if not all) of you guys there next year! Let us make this year a successful year and a proud year!

Let’s go Patriots! Let’s create the change!!



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