Hide and Seek

The young boy was being followed. He wasn’t sure who his pursuer was, just that there was something nipping at his heels after the sunset. His parents said that this was impossible, how could anything be following him during times when they knew he was alone. Yet, however many times his parents tried to console … Continue reading Hide and Seek


A Desire

Stood amidst the cynicism, Never quite conceiving how much Loneliness could destroy. Yet it provided to an empty heart. Never was that time brought back. He walked and walked A sigh, a breath of relief, Solemnly cried that hollow dissatisfied heart. Deprived of love, benevolence and condolence “Ah! this social discrimination”. Hollered that wavering soul. Time … Continue reading A Desire

Pearson-Performed Theatrical Success: “She Kills Monsters”

By: Faeez Ansari As we all know, Pearson’s Drama Program has been working hard to create a piece to present to the excellent students of our school. To no one’s surprise, they did nothing short of that. A vast, well-deserved round of applause to all those who participated in the creation of what may have … Continue reading Pearson-Performed Theatrical Success: “She Kills Monsters”